Avoid Our Costly Mistakes, Close More Deals (Faster) Selling This Concept…

Agreed…sales cycles are extended, margins are slim and now the chase is on for quality prospects. So…is it possible to achieve rising sales quotas? Keep reading…

For some, things are bleak. Yet to others, this time presents a GREAT opportunity to shine and gain business! Since you’re still reading I’ll assume you’re ready to seize the moment so allow me to assist you…

External forces will happen and we will NEVER be able to control them. What we CAN control is how we respond and adjust as sales professionals. My experience stems from growing a $40B business unit 50% in just 18 months – we faced similar challenges during that time of explosive growth. In addition we made our share of mistakes, however we learned some good lessons from the experience. As a Sales Management Consultant, I’m noticing Sales Organizations and Sales Reps are making some similar mistakes such as: selling on price, forcing sales cycles, managing results, etc…

If we really pay close attention, we can conclude that today’s sales challenges are really issues resulting in the absence of Value. Think about it…

Why are sales cycles extended? Prospects are hesitant for fear of wasting resources.

Why are we challenged to sell on price? Prospects want to keep costs low.

Sales success in today’s climate will depend on establishing immediate Value

Let’s define what we’re really talking about to avoid any misinterpretation…

Val-ue [val-yoo],-ued, –u-ing. –noun Def. relative worth, merit, or importance

Recognizing worth, merit or importance eases the fear of wasted resources and ouweighs costs. In addition, in this competitive environment, it’s the Sales Rep who establishes immediate value that closes the sale and does so – quickly!

Also please realize prospects, now more than ever, are buying Benefits NOT Features. It’s great you can offer the best “whiz bang” product or service. However, if you cannot tie in the benefit quickly – it’s meaningless. Given current market conditions people, particularly C-Level prospects, are short on time and patience right now.

Below are 7 key benefits that inspire prospects to take immediate action, use them early to grab the attention of your prospects. Linking and conveying the relevant features with the following benefits in unison will create a stronger value proposition:

  1. Make Money
  2. Save Money
  3. Save Time
  4. Offer Convenience
  5. Offer Safety
  6. Eliminate Worry
  7. Reduce Risk

Establishing immediate Value and leveraging the benefits above will position you to win more sales regardless of market conditions.

Want a proven process to achieve your desired sales results? In just 97 power packed easy to read pages Sales is Simple from Luck to Leverage offers proven, simple, cutting edge methods to:

  • Making more $$$ in sales
  • Close sales faster
  • Create customers for life


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