Sales Practice

The Five (5) Critical Selling Skills

Selling Skill #1 - How To Develop the Best Buyer/Seller RelationshipSelling Skill #2 - Sales Call PlanningSelling Skill #3 - Questioning SkillsSelling Skill #4 - Sales Presentation Skills

FACT: 82% of Salespeople Fail to Differentiate

Q: Why is this?

Most salespeople fail to follow a process that matches the natural buying process that nearly all customers make. 82% of sellers are out-of-sync with the buyer. Learn how to join the elite sellers that truly understand how to “walk arm-in-arm with their customer” as each of the Five Sequential Buying Decisions are being made.

We structure our sales presentations in this order to avoid resistance later in the call.

Learn the process every buyer uses
The salesperson who follows this process always wins.
FACT: 99% of Salespeople Fail to Set the Right Call Objectives

Q: Why is this?

This is not surprising since over two-thirds of companies lack a formal sales process. Even fewer have a documented “Best Sales Practices.”

As companies and salespeople Certify on this critical selling skill using the Action Selling Certification Program, they finally have a road map to follow. The entire sales process gains momentum. Salespeople win more business – at higher margins – while decreasing sell cycle time.

Learn how to maximize sales call planning

This critical selling skill unlocks more sales potential more quickly than any other.

FACT: 86% of Salespeople Ask the Wrong Questions

Q: Why is this?

The Question is the number one tool the salesperson has for managing sales calls. It’s surprising how many salespeople are poor performers when it comes to asking the right questions. The Best Questions actually “Open” the sale. And you can’t close a sale unless you’ve opened it.

  • Poor Questioning leads to resistance in the form of Objections
  • Poor Questioning doesn’t allow product or company differentiation
  • Poor Questioning leads to poor sales strategy

Learn how to maximize your questioning skills

FACT: 95% of Salespeople Talk Too Much and Listen Too Little

Q: Why is this?

Many sales are lost due to the lack of a procedure for presenting product capability. The symptoms associated with poor sales presentation skills include:

  • Sales calls that lose momentum
  • Customers that lack enthusiam about your product
  • Price or product objections
  • Losses to competition
  • Stalls such as: “I’d like to think about it.”

Learn how to maximize your sales presentation skills

When a consistent procedure is used, sales presentations are focused on specific, high-priority needs. Your solution is viewed as unique to the customer. Salespeople win more business, at the right price.

FACT: 62% of Salespeople Fail to Ask for Commitment

Q: Why is this?

The principle mission of the salesperson is to Gain Commitment. That’s the reason why companies value the work that we do. So why would more than half of sales people skip this act?

  1. They don’t set the right kind of objectives for sales calls.
  2. They miss buying signals from the customer.
  3. They lack a procedure for gaining commitment.

Learn how to maximize your skills at gaining commitment

When a consistent procedure is used, salespeople know when and how to ask for the sales commitment.

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