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The BS Tip of the Week brought to you by Bryan Sirak: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Advertisers Make

Posted on June 23, 2009, 9:19 am, by bryansirak, under BS Tips.
Using the business name in the headline

The headline is the ad for your ad. It’s the bit that tells people whether they should invest the time and read the rest of what you’ve got to say. How does yours stack up?

a) Does the headline in your ad select the right readership?

b) Does it invoke curiosity and promise a meaningful benefit?

c) Will it stop the target market dead in their tracks?

2. Not creating a loop in the headline

Your headline needs to grab your target’s attention AND compel them to read the rest of the advertisement. You can do this by creating a loop; a loop generates sufficient curiosity in the reader to encourage them to read more. It’s a question that can only be answered by reading the rest of the ad. Such as, “7 Reasons Why …” or “Here’s how you can …”

a) Does your headline contain sufficient reason for the reader to be interested in reading the rest of the ad?

b) Does it generate enough curiosity?

3. Not using the word “YOU” … in the headline and the copy of the advertisement

The most important word you can use in your ad is “YOU”. People want to know what’s in it for them (WIIFM). Writing in the context of “you” forces you (the ad writer) to think more in terms of benefits you are providing to your prospects. There becomes a clear benefit to YOU, the reader, for reading the ad!

a) Does your ad speak to your reader? Or is it full of “we-text”??

b) Do you connect with the reader quickly?

4. No clear “Call to Action”

Your ad needs to tell people what to do NOW! If it doesn’t, you’ve only succeeded in hyping them up, then leaving them nowhere to go. What are you instructing your prospects to do?

a) Does your ad have a call to action? b) Is it strong enough? Is it appealing?


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