The 30-Second Commercial

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You have 30 seconds or less to get your prospect’s attention and not be pigeonholed as “just another sales rep”.

  1. People make decisions and take action based on 1 of 2 things … either moving toward pleasure or moving away from pain.  Moving away from pain is far more of an emotional target.
  2. Prospects/people buy into an idea for THEIR reasons, not yours.
  3. Prospects do not buy features and benefits; they buy ways to avoid or overcome pain/solve their problem (real or perceived).
  4. People buy from people … get to the emotion!

Focus on your prospects pain, and you’ll get a much more committed response!

Structure of a 30-Second Commercial


Your name, company name, type of business &/or use a headline … a question/statement to capture attention.



We provide ______________________ for businesses, perhaps like yours, that …

Are concerned about …

Not 100% happy with …

Are trying to avoid situations where …



We’ve been successful helping organizations …



I was wondering if …

Do you sometimes feel …

Are you concerned about …

I don’t suppose that you’ve experienced …

Some additional ideas …

  • · Be sure to keep it simple … don’t ramble.
  • · Have a strong close (call to action) that those listening will remember:
    • · Something catchy and memorable
    • · Identify a company where you’d like help getting a ‘foot in the door’
    • · Share a testimonial … received or to give to another member
  • · Include visuals whenever possible … e.g.,
    • · Health & Nutritionist – vitamins, power bars, etc.
    • · Title Insurance – copies of mortgage loans, residential real estate signs
    • · Estate Planning Attorney – a copy of a will
  • · Use something very memorable … funny, very serious, etc.

“Word of mouth advertising is by far the most inexpensive, yet effective form of marketing used in the world today.  At the same time it happens to be the one tool that is least used … create a buzz about you and your business!” ……..


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